Custom made awards and table tops

Custom made awards and table tops are products that deserve a reputation when it is presented at any function. It can be a highly decorative collection as dehydrated food stuffs, objects, coins and also logo silk screen printing can be embedded. With a large collection of paperweights, mementos and door gifts with embedded element your choice of selection is indeed limitless. Engraving is done using high precision laser engraver which will always looks sharp and focused on our final products. Customize your counter top display paperweight or deal toy today with your items or elements embedded in acrylic. See for yourself the difference in compare to what is available in the ready stock market today.

Hence if you are looking for an acrylic custom made awards or table tops you have come to the right place. The intrigue of seeing an object suspended in the middle of a polished acrylic wedge or oval is something that draws discussion. Resin embedding awards is a great way to display on your office desk with your achievement recognition while simultaneously awarding your team,clients and business partners alike.  Call us now or any of our authorized trophies shop and awards supplier

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