Bespoke Awards

Bespoke Awards and custom made trophies will always outshine common display on-shelf  designs trophies and plaques when used to present to an individual or a corporation staff. If you are having an event or presentation night and do not know where to look for, you have come to the right place. Our large collection of acrylic trophy awards and plaque will certainly satisfy your selection no matter what choice you may have in mind. Customize your anniversary plaques or corporate awards with your logo and text embedded in acrylic today.

Moreover, laser engraving, printing and setup is free of charge. In addition to our large collection of anniversary plaques and acrylic trophy awards, our custom awards can be made in any shape or size accordingly to your specification. So please pay a visit to our showroom to see and feel our bespoke plaque and custom awards. You can rest assure you won’t be disappointed for our creation is unique in comparison to what is available on the market today.

Acrylic Embedded Bespoke Awards

Tombstone embedments are commonly used in the financial industry. We take your printed document or memento and permanently encase it in acrylic. Once sealed, these items will never discolor or deteriorate. The intrigue of seeing an object suspended in the middle of a polished acrylic wedge or plaque is something that will consistently draw attention. You will find the quality of our products and work is second to none. So, call us now or any of our authorized trophies shop and custom awards supplier. Besides, our staff will be more than happy to serve you for any of your requirements. 

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